Baby/ Toddler clothing Quilts
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Baby/Toddler Quilts

Have you kept every single item of clothing from when your children were little? Here at RE-Vive the TEE we upcycle those sentimental items into an awesome keepsake quilt that can be enjoyed and loved for years to come.

A fun way to make use of old shirts!

Are you wondering what to do with your old shirts- the sentimental ones that are hanging in your closet that you no longer wear but also cannot part with as they hold far too many memories?

RE-Vive the TEE can take those items and upcycle them into memory quilts! Turning shirts to quilts is great way to breathe new life into your memories in a unique way


let's begin to tell your story and turn shirts into quilts...


Choose Your Tee’s

Pull out the shirts you don’t wear anymore but hold so many sentimental memories. Select your favorites that you would like on your memory quilt and count them. Then, check out our size guide to figure out the best size quilt to order.



Choose Quilt Size + Fleece Colour

When you place your order in our online store, you will choose a quilt size (based on the number of shirts you have) and a fleece backing color. Once your order is placed, you’ll receive a welcome package via email with instructions on how to prepare your shirts for mailing!



Mail Your Tee’s

Package up your shirts and send them to the address from your welcome package. You will receive an email confirmation from us as soon as they arrive! Then, sit back, relax and we will create you a cozy quilt filled with memories to share for generations to come.



Its as easy as 1,2,3! Check out the link below for detailed instructions


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It is a funny thing how special my T-shirts are to me. Clogging up my dresser I kept them around to, in some way, preserve memories of experiences and friendships. Going to RE-Vive the TEE has been a fabulous experience. My dresser is happy and I get to re-use my old tees to stay warm.

Philip Tuck

I was looking in my closet one day at my stack of concert t-shirts wondering what to do with them. I remembered a friend of mine had a quilt made with her shirts, so she recommended RE-Vive the TEE to me. Well let me tell you, this quilt is amazing!!! I absolutely love it, it reminds me of all of the shows I have gone to and all of the good times I had at them! Gemma was incredible to work with, answered any questions immediately and had my quilt done and onto my lap so fast!! I love my quilt so so much. If you are looking to upcycle your sentimental tees into a nice cozy quilt, this is the place to do it!

Melissa Kristjansson

I am thrilled with the final product. They did such a fantastic job and it was completed and sent back very quickly. You won't be disappointed with this company.

Tim Magas

We couldn't be more pleased, the products and services are absolutely fantastic!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click on any of the options below for the answers to our most often asked questions! Still unsure? hit the link below to contact us- no question too big or small!

Memory quilts are a great way to repurpose old shirts that you no longer wear, but don't want to discard as they hold too many memories. They are cut into squares and sewn together to create a blanket to cherish for years to come. They make ideal unique gifts and are a great way to celebrate life's accomplishments and moments.

We have many different sizes to choose from depending on how many T-Shirt sides you would like to include. This will then determine the price of your new quilt. Check out our size guide and 'shop' for more information

Our t-shirt quilts are unlike the traditional three layered quilts where the shirts are interfaced, have a batting centre and then typically a cotton back and bound around the edges - The whole quilt top is then stitched all together normally in some kind of pattern. Although these kinds of quilts are beautiful- they are also pretty fancy and expensive. Our quilts are created using just your T-Shirts which are joined using a serger, and then backed with a super soft fleece, turned right way out and then topstitched around the edge. By doing it this way, not only do we create a REALLY soft flexible durable quilt, it also takes nothing away from the actual designs on the T-Shirts themselves. There is no risk of the interfacing failing and they are quicker to create- therefore we are then able to pass those savings on to you! The quality of our quilts match that of the traditional ones but at a third of the price.

Each T-Shirt side received is pressed - We then cut each 12.5" square individually so that they are very accurate (slightly larger for seam allowances when sewing) This is then arranged in a order that makes the most of the colours provided and what looks best. We use an industrial 4 thread serger to join the edges of each shirt side. Once the top has been sewn, the quilt is placed on top of your chosen fleece colour and pinned to ensure that it is laying nice and flat- please note that if you have ordered either large, x large or xx large- there will be a join in the fleece backing as they are too wide for the standard fleece fabric width. The edges are then serged leaving a gap to turn the quilt inside out. Finally, the quilt is ironed so that it lays nice and flat and once right side out and the edge is top stitched ensuring that the gap is closed and that it is left looking nice and complete.

At RE-Vive the TEE we can use many different material types in you quilt, not just T-Shirts. The materials you can use in your quilts are: T-Shirts, Fleece, Flannel, Polos, Sweatshirts, Scrubs, denim. If you have any material you are not sure if it can be included, then please send us an email at

We care about your prized possessions just as much as you do. When your parcel arrives at the studio, a confirmation email will be sent to you letting you know its here.

Our current time to create your quilt (not including delivery) is 3-4 weeks, however this can change depending on number of orders we currently have on our waitlist- we will keep you informed if your order is going take longer.

All quilts are sent from the studio expedited via Canada Post . We will let you know when you order has been sent and a tracking number will be provided.

When you receive your quilt and unpack it, you will see that we have included Care Cards on how to wash the quilt. We ask that the quilts are washed on a cold 30 degree delicate cycle and hung to dry (do not dry in the tumble dryer). Your quilt will be packaged in acid free tissue paper which is safe for storage and will not damage the fabrics over time.