5 Reasons to choose RE-Vive the TEE to create your T-Shirt Quilt

5 Reasons to choose RE-Vive the TEE to create your T-Shirt Quilt

Making that decision to cut up your precious sentimental T-Shirts is a big one- we get it! At the end of the day, you've taken years to collect those memories and taking a pair of scissors to them almost seems sacrilege! BUT... what if we tell you that we can preserve those memories in the most professional way- no less that they deserve? Here are FIVE reasons why you may want to choose RE-Vive the TEE to create your keepsake quilt.


If you were to head to your closet right now, we know that you would have a bunch of shirts that you cannot part with because they hold too many sentimental memories.  Those shirts are pulled out from time to time to admire (and during a closet cleanout) but then neatly folded back up and put back on shelf containing your 'no longer wear' items.  We know this because its what we did, that was before we started upcycling them into quilts! We can solve your predicament while also giving you a little much needed space back in your closet!  And the quilt... well the quilt means that you get to wrap yourself up in those awesome memories every day!


RE-Vive the TEE understands just how important your new T-Shirt quilt is to you. Therefore, during the whole process- from the moment of placing your order to the moment that you receive your new quilt through the mail, we will be with you every step of the way.  We personally contact you as soon as your parcel arrives in our studio, we send you a text or email as soon as we start your project, we contact you with photographs if we have any placement questions and also provide you with a sneak peek photo before its mailed back.  And then, even after all of this, we mail you your quilt via expedited post, provide tracking numbers and confirm once its delivered to your door! We are also on hand to answer any questions- no question is too big or small!


Between our seamstresses, we have 50 years of sewing experience- 10 of which is specifically in creating memory quilts! So rest assured, when it comes to the quality of our work, we are the best of the best! Your new T-Shirt quilt tells a story of your past, and we take that very seriously.  So much so that we feel as though our customers become part of our growing family- for this reason alone we create each quilt with a huge amount of love and care!   


We totally appreciate just how much a super detailed quilt can cost- upwards of thousands.  So much work goes into these items that they are a work of art!  We also appreciate that a quilt like this isn't to everyone taste or budget.  This is a huge part of our core values- to provide an affordable simplified version of those 'fancy' quilts!  We also feel as though our quilts put more of a modern spin on the traditional style and we are super proud of that!


With so much manufacturing happening over seas now a days, we are proud to be a Canadian based small business.  We love that we are able to provide Canadians with flexible working hours to suit family life. We also love that we are having a huge impact on Canadian landfills by preventing so many items of clothing being discarded  

We could seriously go on and on with our points but we feel like the top five reasons here are more than enough to convince you of our awesomeness! 
So what have you got to loose? Head to that closet of yours, have a sort out and pull out your sentimental tees! We have a super simple three step process and we will have you snuggled up with your memories in no time at all! 

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