5 reasons why you may want a professionally made T-Shirt quilt

5 reasons why you may want a professionally made T-Shirt quilt

If you took a moment to reminisce back on your life so far, you will soon realize just how many memories you have.  Some are memories of achievements, adventures, family and friends to name but a few.

Typically we can recall certain items of clothing we brought or wore during those times and its those sentimental items that we tend to keep hold of and have a hard time letting go even though we know its not something we would wear again. 

Quite often its difficult to think of ways to reuse them. They bring so much joy every time you pull them out of the closet and you cant bear to throw them away.  A T-Shirt quilt is a great way to bring them back to life once again. 



Those sentimental shirts often become a huge part of our own individual life story. A T-shirt quilt is an amazing way commemorate your memories.  If this is something you are considering, then you may be asking yourself:

We find that the easiest way to answer these questions is by going through the five different reasons why people typically go ahead and order a T-Shirt quilt from a professional creator.

1: The thought of cutting up your own T-Shirts that mean so much is too daunting

The feelings attached to some of our garments are so intense that we just cant bring ourselves to taking scissors to them!  We get it, even after years of experience in creating memory T-Shirt Quilts there is always that level of anxiety making the first cut- what if you don't like the way it looks? What if its cut it wrong and it ends up being ruined?  What happens if I don't choose the right amount of shirts to make my completed blanket look good?

By hiring a professional a lot of this anxiety and stress its taken away from you.  The actual quilt squares are cut in house with precision equipment, an experienced seamstress/ sewer would be able to make small repairs and they will always put time and effort into the design element of the quilt.  At RE-Vive the TEE in particular- we will be with you every step of the way with updates via text or email and with sneak peek pictures ensuring your still very much a part of the process. 

2: You don't have the skills or equipment to create your own T-Shirt quilt

We are contacted a number of times every day from customers who have attempted to start their own quilt only to find that the task is far larger and too daunting than they originally anticipated. I would say this is the number one reason why people like to order from an experienced professional company. 

Creating your very own is a very big undertaking especially with no experience. Its tough to know what the right tools are for the job, what sizes you need to cut your clothing too, how to sew the fabric without it stretching, what fabric to use for the backing... and this is just the start.

When ordering from a professional company they would have already perfected these details which would end up not only providing you with completed high quality quilt, but it would also likely be finished and retuned to you sooner than if you had attempted it yourself.  Its worth paying for experience- if you have already started the project yourself and you've gotten to overwhelmed- most companies are not able to finish it for you or it would end up costing a lot of money. 

3: You don't have the time

I think we can all relate when we say that there is just not enough time in the day.  And we get that, truly.  With having three children, a household along with two businesses its a lot- and most people are maxed out.  So finding time to create projects such as a T-Shirt quilt feels almost impossible. 

By ordering with a professional company its so simple and stress free.  The most tiring part is choosing the shirts but then the beauty is you get to throw them in a box, mail them off, and within a few weeks you are rewarded with your brand new quilt- ta da! Like magic!

4. The clothing you have chosen is from a lost loved one

There comes a time in all of our lives where we have to say goodbye to someone we love.  Some have a long life full of memories, others are taken far too soon- either way, its hard to figure out how life will carry on without them around.  Fast forward to a time where you are able to sort through their clothing- the last thing that you want to do is donate them or discard them. They hold so much meaning.. They bring back memories of happy times and the hardest part of all- they still have your lost loved ones scent- tackling a task like turning them into a T-Shirt quilt is not an option right now but you want to be wrapped up in their memories.

Choosing to employ a professional company at this point will not only ensure that your sentimental clothing is treated with the upmost respect, you are also guaranteed to receive a great quality finished project and you would have the opportunity to cuddle up with those special memories within a short space of time. 

5. My grandma sews, I should just ask her

This is something we hear so very often.  But its worth remembering that not everyone who sews is able to sew quilts.  We all have our own specialty- some quilts, some toys, some clothes etc.  So although your gran would likely say yes, it can be a very overwhelming task for them and they may feel under a little too much pressure to not make a single mistake! 

Ordering with a professional company means that they have multiple sewers who are able to create your quilt quickly so that your gran can be left to do what she does best- spoil her grandkids!


We understand fully just how much these sentimental T-Shirts and clothing items mean to you, after all they are a huge part of YOU!

Check out our most recent review from a wonderful customer- Tammy

"I placed a unique order for a quilt in memory of my grandfather that passed away before valentines day. The quilt consisted mostly of his old dress shirts and other shirts that he wore frequently. I decided to gift it to my grandmother for valentines day and she absolutely loved it! Gemma was such a pleasure to work with. She answered all my inquiries and questions promptly and with caring details. Since the first time that I messaged her, I knew my grandfathers clothes and memory were in great hands! The quality of the under quilt and craftsmanship can clearly be seen in her work. She even kept me updated throughout the entire process with pictures. Gemma, thank you so much for making something so special to my family, and for creating a quilt that will perfectly contain my grandfather’s memory and legacy forever"

Customers like Tammy mean so much to us, we almost feel like they become part of our family and our own personal journey so creating a product that is going to be of the highest quality is at the top of our priority list. 
Please feel free to reach out to us at RE-Vive the TEE if you have any questions.  We are here to make this process as simple and stress free as possible.  We would LOVE the opportunity to create you your very own T-Shirt memory Quilt. 
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