Quilts from baby clothing- a special keepsake

Quilts from baby clothing- a special keepsake

If you are anything like me, I guarantee you have some old diaper boxes stored in your closet or basement with an absolute TON of your children's first little outfits?

You've been telling yourself that you'd find the time to learn to quilt one day- the problem is, life seems to get busier and busier and busier. Trying to find the time to learn a new skill seems nearly impossible. And that's where we come in. We have over 11 years of experience working with baby and small children's clothing and turning them into something you would be proud to display and no longer hide in a tote box where they've spent the last 5 years!

We get it- it's one of the most nerve-racking things to do- sending your precious baby clothing in the mail to a total stranger. I'm sure you'll be asking yourself- what if the Post Office lost the package? What if they screw up and ruin all of the clothes? What if there was a mistake and the baby clothes are gone forever? Those just aren’t something that can ever be replaced. 

Here are 5 reasons why we are a favorite choice when it comes to memory quilts

1: Before you place your order with us, we can discuss the exact process to get started and suggest the best way to mail the clothing to us. We will also confirm as soon as the parcel arrives at our PO box and is picked up.

2: When we start your blanket, we will message you either via email or SMS.  We will confirm any details we are not sure about and will also confirm any placement queries, and finally, we will send over pictures of the placements before we begin sewing.

3: We will always make suggestions if we feel like there is a better way of cutting your shirts (i.e. including some larger squares rather than cutting off too much of the motif).

4: Once your blanket is finished, we will send you a final picture and mail using Canada Post expedited mail which is trackable and insured- the tracking information will be confirmed with you.

5: We will send an additional email once the parcel has been delivered to confirm it has arrived.

We hope that has answered any questions that you may have and given you the confidence to take the leap and get started with your awesome quilt. 

So then, the juicy part- what baby toddler quilts can we create?

Our baby/ Toddler quilts come in 6 sizes- the same sizing as our regular quilts however rather than using 12.5" squares, we use 6.5" allowing us to use newborn outfits upwards.  The sizing we offer and the number of patches required are:

I know what your thinking- oh wow, that's a whole load of squares! But hear me out- most baby/ toddler clothing items can be used more than once.  For example- sleepers- we can use the front snap up part, and then also the back and sometimes the sleeves too if they are on the larger side.  

So how do you figure out the size you should order? 

We suggest cutting out a 6.5" square from scrap paper or card and laying it over the top of each of the items you would like to include.  If we are able to cut a clear 6.5" square without any major seams or edges cut off- we can use it- front and back.  You can even include some plain patches that we can distribute across the blanket- they look awesome too! I think you'd be soooo surprised at just how many items you have stored away and can quickly make up the numbers.

Unlike our regular quilts, no prep is required for the clothing other than checking sizes- we prefer the items to be intact so that we are able to cut the best sections- bonus!

We offer 7 different backing colors of a thick, warm velour fleece to complete your blanket- black, ivory, grey, royal blue, red, orange, or navy. All of our quilts also include free return shipping in Canada.

Baby clothes gain memories so quickly: There is the blanket he or she came home from the hospital in, the overalls he or she wore while learning to crawl, the flannel pajamas she fell asleep in at night. For those items too precious to give away, or too stained to pass along, there is no better way to bring them back to life than a memory blanket, and RE-Vive the TEE would be honored to create it for you.

Have questions? contact us at: info@revivethetee.ca or by clicking here

Want to place your order for your baby quilt? Click here

Looking for something a little more bespoke? We also have our luxury options for baby quilts- contact us for more information  



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