Need a Birthday gift while social distancing? 5 ideas you can create!

Need a Birthday gift while social distancing? 5 ideas you can create!

With only limited access to our malls for essential services, buying that perfect birthday gift for a friend or loved one is becoming increasingly more difficult. Not only are we unable to browse our local stores, we are also unable to go out to celebrate with traditional birthday drinks or get together at a party! So birthdays are looking a lot different in the coming months than what we anticipated- we need to start getting creative to show love and appreciation for friends and family on their special day!  Do not fear, we have curated a list of amazing birthday gifts to inspire you to create from your very own home by purchasing the materials online.

Create paper flowers with

Everyone loves to receive flowers- I mean seriously, who doesn’t? But after spending a small fortune on a bunch of blooms, you are sad to see that they start to wilt and die within a couple of days- feels like a waste of money right? Ta Muchly Paper Blooms has a solution for you! They have recently started a YouTube Channel offering tutorials on creating your very own realistic paper flowers.  Each video is very clear and descriptive ensuring that the finished product looks as good as the real thing- only better, a flower that lasts for years to come.  All materials can be brought online and links are provided to show you exactly where from- so easy peasy, or should I say, easy peony ;)

Click HERE for the tutorial

Create a homemade Face mask-

Yeah I know what you are thinking- what a strange gift? The things we are most In need of make the best gifts.  Across Canada, personal protection equipment is in short supply and it has been advised that wearing face masks can help slow the spread of the Coronavirus- studies show that a homemade mask is better than none. So why don’t we dust off that old sewing machine and get creative making them for friends and family?  All you need is a sewing machine, a small amount of cotton fabric, some elastic and some wire- everything can be picked up online. In this article by Sew Kate Sew you can find links to some great tutorials depending on the style that you choose to create 

If you are looking for an awesome fabric store with ample choice of fun designs, Funky Monkey Fabrics is our go to- they are located in Ontario and offer a flat rate shipping so stock up!

Create your own pop up birthday card-

Sending a birthday greeting card is an opportunity to express your emotions. It's a chance to show love, joy, humour, thanks, and admiration to others that you care about. With card stores not on the ‘essential service’ list, we are unable to purchase them from our normal go to's.  So lets crack out the cardstock, scissors and glue and create one ourselves!  And no we are not talking about those cute ones you made as a child where you folded a piece of A4 paper into quarters and decorated the front using your favourite crayons! These awesome popup cards from Jennifer makes are super simple but detailed and are sure to put a smile on your receivers face. 

Click HERE for the tutorial 

A gift sure to make them laugh!-

Now I'm not one for tacky gifts, however when doing my research I came across this website and did actually LAUGH OUT LOUD!! If you fancy yourself to be a bit of a joker, then this is the ultimate inspiration list for you!! I mean, who doesn’t want a belly button lint fluff remover in their life?

Click HERE for access to the tutorials

Sharpie mug-

I bet if you look in your kitchen cupboards you can find a plain white mug? Go on, have a look- I'm right aren't I? This is such a great inexpensive way to customize something you already have around the home into something fun and meaningful to gift to a loved one.  In this article, pop sugar shows you exactly what materials you need along with some ideas that others have created- one of my particular favourites has been created with the saying ‘after the rain there is a rainbow, after the storm there is calm’

 So, do we have you inspired?

Be sure to let us know on our instagram or Facebook page which ones to chose to make and share the results with us- we would love to see! And don't forget, our team here at RE-Vive the TEE are on hand to create you an awesome T-Shirt quilt from preloved clothing! We believe this is the ultimate unique gift. There is is no better time to sort through closets and find those special pieces that remind you or your loved one of fabulous times past before the world became what it is today, and will also give hope and spark excitement for the memories you are all yet to make. 

Click HERE to order your quilt


Chat soon lovelies....






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