How to choose the right quilt for your T-Shirt collection

How to choose the right quilt for your T-Shirt collection


You've got a lot of shirts—shirts you love, shirts you can't bear to part with, shirts that hold memories, and shirts that you don't have room to keep in your wardrobe. You've decided the best way to preserve those items is to turn them into a quilt. But with so many options and styles, you aren't sure which one is best for you. Let's find out!


🤔You have lots of shirts that are all the same size with small/medium-sized motifs on them. 

Our original RE-Vive the TEE quilts are best suited to your collection!

We cut each shirt into 12.5" squares, and they are available in six different sizes ranging from a lap requiring just 16 T-Shirt sides (either a front or a back of a shirt) to a XX Large which is big enough to cover a king bed.  Our super soft and durable velour fleece backing is available in 7 colours which completes your awesome T-Shirt quilt! Prices start from $165.00

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🤔 You have some shirts that are the same size but also have some smaller logos which you do not want to have in your quilt as a large square with so much blank space surrounding the motif

Our 'Hybrid' Quilts are best suited to your collection.

They are constructed in the same way as our original quilts however we have the ability to replace one of the larger squares in the quilt with 4 smaller 6.5" squares.  This way you are able to utilize all parts of your shirts (for example- numbers on the sleeves of hockey jerseys) to create an awesome visually appealing quilt.  Same 6 sizes, same backing colours, just a whole lot of flexibility. Prices depend on how many 12.5" and 6.5" squares are included 

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🤔 You have XL shirts or extra large motifs and you don't want anything cut off

Our 'The big one' is best suited to your collection.

We swap out the smaller squares for a whopping great big 16.5" square! So the T-Shirt requirements for each size change slightly from our original and hybrid quilts.  We have 7 different sizes ranging from using 9 to 36 T-Shirt sides. Prices start from $150.00

Check out our BIG one quilt options here 

🤔 You have lots of baby clothing that are newborn up to toddlerhood 

Our 'Baby toddler quilts' best suit your collection. 

Each baby item is cut into 6.5" squares and pieced together the same as our other quilts.  We have the same standard sizing and backing colours however you are able to include a huge amount of outfits! And the great thing about using baby clothing is that quite often we are able to use both the front and back of most garments in the quilt. Pricing starts from $245.00

Check out our baby toddler quilts here

🤔 You are looking for a more 'Bespoke' style quilt as your clothing items are very random in sizing

Our RE-Vive the TEE 'Bespoke' quilts best suit your collection. 

We offer 5 sizes ranging from a lap to a king and are able to utilize lots of different sized pieces. Each item is interfaced and placed in a 'jigsaw' style that is completely individual and unique.  They include cotton borders, and an upgraded 'minky' backing and are finished with handmade binding and personalization. Prices start from $350.00

If you are interested in ordering a bespoke quilt and would like to discuss options, please use the link below

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Although we have many types of blankets and quilts, they are all created the same way with the bespoke style being the exception.

Each T-Shirt side received is pressed - We then cut each square individually so that they are very accurate. This is then arranged in an order that makes the most of the colours provided and what looks best. We use industrial 4-thread sergers to join the edges of each shirt side. Once the top has been sewn, the quilt is placed on top of your chosen fleece colour and pinned to ensure that it is laying nice and flat- please note that if you have ordered either large, x large, or xx large- there will be a join in the fleece backing as they are too wide for the standard fleece fabric width. The edges are then serged leaving a gap to turn the quilt inside out. Finally, the quilt is ironed so that it lays nice and flat, and once right side out the edge is top stitched ensuring that the gap is closed and that it is left looking nice and complete. By doing it this way, not only do we create a REALLY soft flexible durable quilt, but it also takes nothing away from the actual designs on the T-Shirts themselves. they are quicker to create- therefore we are then able to pass those savings on to you!


Our turnaround times are approximately 3-4 weeks from receiving your clothing in our studio.  If you are planning on ordering for a special occasion, please make sure you leave plenty of time and let us know any specific dates that you would like us to work to.  After completion, we send all of our parcels back to you via expedited Canada Post.


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