Stuck for things to do around the home? Organize your closets!

Stuck for things to do around the home? Organize your closets!

Decluttering the home is a lot like achieving world peace: it's a goal everyone wants to reach but no one's quite sure where to start. How about starting in your closets? We have scoured the internet to find the best tricks and tips to help you decide what needs to go and what stays!

Ok to start, lets go over some of the basics

the old ‘rule of thumb’ is that you should get rid of anything that you have not worn in the past year.  If you have been through the past spring, summer, fall and winter without putting it on your body once- heck you don’t need it!

Get rid of things that you have never worn.  Did you pick up that ‘cute’ shirt that didn’t quite fit in hopes of being able to loose a few extra lbs? No one needs that pressure in their life and looking at it in your closet will keep reminding you that what you pictured in your mind is never the reality, even if you have reached your body goals. Also, are you guilty of picking up a shirt because ‘it was only $10- bargain’ knowing full well you probably will never wear it. I have many of those in my closet, separate those too.

How many of your favourite clothes need some kind of repair? The seam may be hanging down on one shirt and a teeny tiny hole in another- you know you wont wear them how they are so they are shoved to the back as you ‘may’ get round to repairing them at some point.  Im going to tell you the truth now… this isn’t going to happen.. that rainy day never comes and if it does, there is always a million other things that take priority- so get rid of them- you will also be marking one more thing off your ‘to do’ list so wahoo- killing two birds with one stone as the saying goes (Im not sure who came up with that saying as its pretty mean)

You know those shirts you have that all look pretty much the same? You know the ones- the black shirt with short sleeves? You actually have five of them and only wear two as they just that tiny bit more comfortable? Yep- you too? You don't need those other three.  They are taking up too much hot real estate in your closet!

Ok so i've sorted my clothing.. whats next?

Organize your closets

Now your clothing is organized and you have separated everything you no longer wear/ need, now its time to pull out and discard those broken hangers (Im pretty sure have around five in my closet right now that are hanging on for dear life trying to hold up seven pairs of black leggings each) Give the whole closet a good dust and wipe down, clean all of the scuff marks off the walls and vacuum the carpets so you can start putting everything back 

Next, we need to design the space with what we already have available.  Lets get creative and take note of our best features- do you have any cubby holes? Shelving? Lots of hanging rods?  We need to utilize every little space.  Any harder to reach places are an ideal space to put all of your items that are worn ‘occasionally’ or are not in season right now so you can keep rotating your clothes to match the weather. If you have any free wall space, consider getting some little hooks to hang up scarves, house coats etc.

My closet is now sparkling clean and is looking awesome, how should I put the clothing back?

Organize your closets

Next on the list is to organize your clothing by category and colour. For example, pop all of your sweaters in one space, pants in another, shirts in another and so forth, this way, it will make it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. Make sure that you put your favourite pieces at the start of each section, again, making it much easier to select your outfit.

Hang everything back in the closet using matching hangers and ensure that they are facing the same direction- this may be a bit of an ‘annoying’ thing to do, but trust me, being able to quickly flick through your closet and fully see each shirt etc from the front, will make life a lot easier when choosing what to wear in the morning when you are in a rush to get ready. The matching hangers will also be very visually appealing and make everything look that little bit more ‘organized and clean’. Thick sweaters and denim jeans work best folded and put on shelves- it saves on hanging space by not filling up with bulky items. They are also less likely to get wrinkled when folded so they are ideal shelf sitters.  Finally, utilize any floor space for a shoe rack and line them up in category, ie, heals, boots, flip flops, runners etc. If you are still tight on room, consider taking out the clothing that does not match the season and placing them in vacuum bags to store on shelves- its amazing just how many you can squeeze into one of those babies!!

And finally, going forward...

Organize your closets

use the ONE IN ONE OUT rule.. Every time you buy something new, get rid of something old that you no longer wear, this way, hopefully your closet with remain tidy and organized and you wont need to have a big sort out as often.  I dont know about you, but I know that if I have a tidy closet, I have a tidy mind and I am more likely to keep it clean and organized.  So come on guys, lets get the motivation and get cracking!! Feel free to take some before and after pics (if you are brave enough) and let me know which of the tips above worked best for you.. happy sorting!

For more tips, ideas and tricks, check out Marie Kondo's YouTube Channel here  she seriously is the ultimate QUEEN on home organization!


And of course, we will always have those shirts that we pull out that hold so many memories and we just cannot part with but they are taking up too much closet real estate.. well thats what RE-Vive the TEE are here for- to help solve that problem and turn those shirts into an awesome memory quilt! Whether you choose to use the memory quilt on your bed, on the couch or as a picnic blanket, you will absolutely LOVE the nostalgic feelings it will bring you and will be a conversation piece as you reminisce on the memories of times past. 


Im off to organize my daughter's closet as I'm feeling super pumped after my research

Chat soon 




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