T-Shirt Quilt - 4x4' Lap

Fleece Color - Black

Ideal for snuggling, a lap memory quilt makes a great gift. Our smallest size is also our most affordable option that requires the fewest shirts, 16 to be exact.

Upcycle the t-shirts you no longer wear (or don’t want your kids/partner wearing anymore) into a cozy memory quilt that will preserve cherished memories for years and generations to come. Whether our Lap Size T-Shirt Quilt is used for keeping you warm in your camping chair, on the couch, or for a picnic in the park, you will love the nostalgic feelings and conversations it will bring you.


  • Constructed from 16 T-Shirt Sides* cut into 12" squares 
  • Finished size is approximately 4’ x 4’
  • Backed with a super soft 16oz Pactec velour fleece available in seven different colours
  • Handmade in Canada
  • Guaranteed to put a smile on your face
  • Free return shipping Canada wide


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