Got a collection of concert T-Shirts? Put them all in once place to create the ultimate memory piece!

Concert T-Shirt Quilt


Do you have a favourite band who you have been to see play live sooo many times, and every time you collected a shirt? Perhaps you are an avid music lover and have multiple shirts- we bet you cant pick your favourite? With our concert T-shirt quilt you don't have too! Put them all in one place! Whether you use your new quilt for your couch or your bed, we guarantee you will LOVE the memories that come flooding back every time! 

Have we put you in the mood to book your next concert? Click here to visit Ticket Master to see who is playing next in your local arena!

So what's next?  Follow the simple steps below and you will be snuggling up with your new quilt before you know it:


Pull out your favourite shirts that hold the most memories and count how many you would like to include, check out our chart here to figure out the best size quilt to order: 


Place an order for your chosen size and fleece backing colour by clicking here. A welcome pack will then be emailed to you which has instructions on how to prepare your shirts for mailing


Package up your shirts and send them to us. Email confirmation will be sent once they have arrived. Sit back, relax and we will create you an awesome quilt filled with memories

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