Current Situation 

We value your business and look forward to creating you a beautiful T-Shirt quilt- we are continuing to be open for all online orders until further notice.

As you know, we are experiencing something we have never seen before in our lifetime: COVID-19. Please find information below to let you know how RE-Vive the TEE are keeping our customers as well as our staff healthy and safe.


* As our head creator- Gemma- is creating your quilts from our home studio by hand, there is no risk to any staff members and there is no requirement for Gemma to travel for work.  

* We have taken the necessary precautions to social distance and isolate ourselves and our family since the first week of March 2020

* We are continuing to accept orders and shipments of T-Shirts.  Once you mail your shirts to us, we will however, hold off from opening the parcel for 5 working days.

* We take cleanliness very seriously as a general rule, but especially during this time. Our hands are washed thoroughly before touching all T-Shirts, parcels, backing fabrics, machinery and anything else used to create your quilt.

* We will continue to ship your orders for as long as Canada Post will allow. We cannot control what happens to your parcel once it has left our hands- so once it arrives to your shipping destination, we would advice that you leave your order in a safe, dry place for a couple of days, or until you feel necessary. 

* There may be delays in receiving your quilt due to the current situation, but we will provide you with a tracking number so you can obtain updates at any time.


Finally, thank you for supporting a small business during these uncertain times.  We have also added the option of gift cards that are emailed directly to you- please note that these do not expire. They make and thoughtful and unique gifts- especially during times that we are unable to visit stores to buy something. 

If you have any questions or would like to reach out to us, please do not hesitate to email us at

Please keep safe, stay home, and look after your loved ones.

Together we can get through this, and return to normal life as soon as possible.