Clothing items holds so many memories- turn them into a keepsake quilt today!

We bet if you sorted out your closet today you would find an absolute tonne of T-Shirts that you no longer wear.  If you are anything like us, we also don't want donate or discard them as they hold far too many memories. Perhaps it was a shirt you picked up on your travels to a tropical country somewhere- maybe on your honeymoon? or where you met your other half? Or perhaps a loved one brought you a shirt as a memento from a concert or a day out? There are so many reasons why we would have these pieces in our wardrobes and there is no better way to put them all together than to repurpose them into a keepsake quilt.

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So what's next?  Follow the simple steps below and you will be snuggling up with your new quilt before you know it:


We also have the option to purchase a gift card here.  A T-Shirt quilt is such a unique gift and by purchasing a card it allows the receiver to be part of the process and choose exactly what T-Shirts they would like to include. 


Here are some great ideas of shirts to include in your keepsake quilt:
Sports Jerseys- Hockey, Soccer, Basketball to name but a few
Concert/ favourite band shirts
Race Shirts/ charity fundraisers etc
Shirts from your travels 
Shirts gifted to you that hold memories
Shirts your children have outgrown 

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