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Keepsake Quilts

Welcome to RE-Vive the TEE where we turn your pre loved clothes into an amazing keepsake quilt! we are so glad you are here!

Have you had one of those days where you have sorted out your closet only to find a bunch of clothes that you no longer wear but they hold so many memories and mean so much that you just cant part with them? So you casually fold them back up and shove them to the back of the closet to collect dust as you 'may' wear them one day... but you never do! I think we all pretty much have. Well we have a solution for you! You can RE-Vive those TEES into a brand new keepsake quilt! Weather you collect shirts from running races, play for sports teams, have a collection from your favourite concerts you have attended, you name it- the options are limitless! A keepsake T-Shirt quilt is the ultimate way to honor your achievements! 

My name is Gemma and I am a mother of three and a wife of a very supportive husband. We are from the south of England however we emigrated to beautiful Canada in late 2013- initially to the Vancouver area and we have now settled in Calgary- Alberta where my parents and brother also live. I am the head designer behind RE-Vive the TEE.  For the past 9 years I have been creating special memory keepsake items for family and friends. The idea initially came about when my oldest two children were small- I wanted to be able to remain at home and be there for them as at that point we didn’t have any family close by or friends as we had only just moved to a brand new Country starting a new life. My oldest two children are very close in age and as such, it felt as though they both grew far too quick- I was having a hard time getting rid of their baby clothing and started to think of how I could keep them in a way that I would look at them often- my first ever quilt was created from my daughters clothes! Once I shared this on my Facebook wall, I started to get lots of inquires from other moms. Since then I have created hundreds of baby quilts for clients across the globe! 

Fast forward to 2020, for the past year I have progressed from baby quilts to receiving more and more inquires for quilts made from adult clothing. Some collected sports tees, some concert shirts and the ones I enjoy creating the most- clothing from a lost loved one. The comfort that a quilt brings to the families that I have created them for is unreal and really make me feel like I have a purpose. 

I started to receive more and more enquires for a simplified version of my jigsaw quilts- one that is symmetrical and is created from equal sized blocks to show the most of the memorial piece of clothing. I’ve also been asked if I could create a more ‘affordable’ option, so I got my thinking cap on- how could I create this without compromising on quality? And that’s when RE-Vive the TEE was born!  Our promise to you is that you will receive a product that matches the quality of my bespoke quilts, but at a third of the price!

So what does that mean? Our new business model means that we can create amazing quilts handmade exclusively for Canadian clients,  with an extremely fast turnaround! All of our quilts are constructed from 12” squares in pre designed sizes with six different options for backing colours. The backing we use is a Pactech 16oz velour fleece- it’s super soft, warm and will stand up to lots of use and washing. We use only the best threads to ensure that all of our seams are nice and strong.

Want to put a face to the name? 

Keepsake quilts


This is me! Right now I am your designer, customer service contact, marketer and what ever else you need me to be in order for you to have the best experience with our handmade business! I also have lots of help from my husband who is a wizz with technology and is pretty hands on with helping out with whatever I need him for- I am one lucky gal! Our plan is expand very soon and employ other seamstress’s who can work from home- our hope is to support other families who feel that going to a traditional job out of the home is not possible or an option.

So what do you have to loose? We all have a closet full of clothing that we just can’t part with as they hold far too many memories! Or perhaps you are trying to think of a memorable grad gift for your son or daughter? Or you play for sport teams and have collected shirts along the way? Rather than having them collect dust in your closet or drawer somewhere- have them made into a quilt that you can put on display and enjoy every day! Together, we can RE-Vive those TEE’s