Are you a runner? Put all of your race shirts and achievements in one place with a T-Shirt quilt!

Calling all running fanatics! Do you enter multiple races a year and look forward to getting your 'loot' at the end which typically includes a T-Shirt? We bet those T-shirts are hidden in a drawer somewhere and rarely seen? Be proud- pull them all out and have them re purposed into an amazing race T-Shirt quilt! whether you split them up to 5k's, 10k's, half marathons or marathons, you will be sure to absolutely love your new T-Shirt quilt and the same adrenaline you felt when you crossed that finished line will come flooding back!

Have we inspired you to book your next race? Click here to find out what is happening across Canada and find your next goal! Some great ones to consider are:

Vancouver Sun Run, Vancouver BMO Marathon, Scotiabank Toronto, Waterfront Marathon, Rock 'n' Roll Oasis Montreal, Scotiabank Ottawa Marathon, Quebec City Half Marathon 

So what's next?  Follow the simple steps below and you will be snuggling up with your new quilt before you know it:

Not sure which size quilt suits your race T-Shirt collection? Check out our size chart below!

Are you inspired and now thinking of all of the other T-shirts you have in your closet collecting dust? Check out alternative ideas for other T-shirt quilts on the links below

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Or, a combination quilt with your whole collection would be awesome!