Have a large collection of T-Shirts that you no longer wear? Have them repurposed into a X-Large T-Shirt quilt to cover your Queen bed! 

X-Large T-Shirt Quilt

How many T-Shirts have you collected over the years? We bet if you cleared your closet or looked in those storage boxes in the basement you would be surprised! Not sure what to do with them?  Have them made into a massive Queen sized quilt! We guarantee you will spend many hours laying in bed reminiscing on every patch in your new quilt 

Our X Large T-Shirt Quilt features:

* Constructed from 42 T-Shirt sides cut into 12" squares (we class a shirt side as either a front or back of a shirt- some shirts have motifs on both sides- this is counted as TWO sides)

* Finished size is approximately 72" x 84"

* Backed with a super soft 16oz Pactec fleece in a choice of six colours 

* Handmade right here in Canada

* Created only using the best materials guaranteeing the best quality quilt 

* Will leave you with a warm feeling inside and out 

*USE CODE 'FREESHIP' for free return shipping Canada wide

What next?

Once you place your order for your new T-Shirt quilt, we will email you a welcome pack detailing exactly what the next steps are to proceed.  Your shirts must be prepared and mailed to us as per the welcome pack. Don't worry- the instructions are very clear, we are here to help if you are not 100% sure. 

We guarantee the best Canadian handmade quality quilt at an affordable price.

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