Introducing the mother of all T-Shirt quilts- The XX Large!

XXL T-Shirt Quilt

Do you have an EPIC amount of T-Shirts? Our XX Large T-Shirt quilt is large enough to fit onto a king bed! Family of 6? No problem- you will all fit under this awesome quilt! However you choose to display your new quilt, we know you are going to LOVE IT!

Our XX T-Shirt Large Quilt features:

* Constructed from 49 T-Shirt sides cut into 12" squares ( We class a shirt side as wither a front or back of a shirt- some have motifs on both sides- this is counted as TWO sides)

* Finished size is approximately a massive 84" x 84"

* Backed with a super soft 16oz Pactec fleece In a choice of six colours 

* Created using only the best quality materials 

* Excellent value for money without compromising on quality 

*USE CODE 'FREESHIP' for free return shipping Canada wide

* Guaranteed to make you SMILE!

What next?

Once you place your order for your new T-Shirt quilt, we will email you a welcome pack detailing exactly what the next steps are to proceed.  Your shirts must be prepared and mailed to us as per the welcome pack. Don't worry- the instructions are very clear, we are here to help if you are not 100% sure. 

We guarantee the best Canadian handmade quality quilt at an affordable price.

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